Sara Mordacai

Sandhya is a founding member of the Visual Design Team at TenMarks. Initially she was a team of one and thrived in a get-it-done, scrappy start-up environment. Her initiative and visual designs created the look and feel of products still offered today. She created the style-guides and visual systems for other designers to follow as the company grew, allowing for cohesion and scalability. Sandhya is the kind of visual designer who can wade through any technical details for a project; is the first to figure out how to work with (and hack) unique internal tools; who thinks long term about current problems; and works to identify solutions that build work-flow efficiencies for internal teams. She’s a natural problem solver. Because of her longevity with the company, Sandhya is often the QA, bug-catcher, error fixer… she can be a production machine! She is also a valued member of the TenMarks Education family because of her unique ability to balance design, visual aesthetics and the needs of pedagogy for an EdTech K-12 company.