Meg Rice

"During the four years of my tenure at Tenmarks Education, I had the pleasure of working with Sandhya. I say "pleasure" for many reasons, but most importantly is that Sandhya's attitude and work ethic are excellent. There were stressful moments and stressful projects and Sandhya always managed to approach each day with a calm mind which allows her to find solutions, increase productivity, and contribute meaningfully even in crunch time. She is a true team player and during her tenure at the company she regularly wore different hats, readily and seamlessly changing between them, in order to meet the needs of our growing company. 

Sandhya also taught me an immense amount about graphic design and using Adobe tools. In this way, she is a great asset to any team that is looking to grow and train internally. As others have mentioned, Sandhya became the keeper of all the specs and files for an immense amount of content. She was the go-to for all questions related to the asset bank and the correct usage of images within different instances of the product. Also, Sandhya exhibits a strong bias for action and aims to help the team learn more all the time. An example of this is how she started a periodical newsletter for the organization called "The Design Scoop" which was wonderfully created and immensely informative. Each edition would cover a different element within her area of expertise. In this way she helped others to become the keeper's of their own knowledge related to handling the assets within our content and thereby empowered them to make graphical decisions on their own when appropriate. 

Sandhya is a great addition to a team."