PROBLEM: As the sole designer of the former startup, I was tasked to redesign the overall visual aesthetics for the TenMarks website. From a business stand point, the company wasn't happy with their current website. The interface and design was very clunky, unapproachable and uninspiring. My immediate goal was to create a positive experience that changed the global feel of the product and make it more welcoming and engaging for the teachers. Although Teachers were the primary users, TenMarks also wanted to provide information on how the product would be useful for Principals and District Administrators. This project had to be a quick turn around, and I worked with the developers in Delhi in order to ship the product.

RESEARCH: I studied the visual elements used on the competitors website like color palette, use of fonts, imagery and illustrations to get a better understanding of TenMarks in the market space. 

■ Address other stakeholders besides Teachers, i.e: Students, Principals and Administrators
■ Choice of colors and visual hierarchy needed to improve
■ Navigating through the site information needed to be simple and easy
■ Better choice of imagery and icons


SOLUTION: For my exploration, I started with the TenMarks brand colors as base. 4 distinct colors were used to differentiate the 4 users for the home page. These colors were also carried over to successive pages throughout the site to build a visual consistency.  Candid stock imagery focussing on children learning, engaging in study groups or interacting with teachers were used. Illustrations and icons was kept to a minimum and applied where required. 

DESIGN AND PRODUCTION: After the site design was reviewed by stakeholders through initial mockups , I created high-fidelity designs, specs and documentation to hand off to developers who worked in India. Since I had to work with the time difference, I constantly kept the lines of communication open with the developers incase they had questions about the established style guides, specs and design elements.

RESULTS: The new redesigned marketing website was launched during the Back-to School of 2013 and gained significant views and increased teacher participation from the previous year. While the website redesign achieved its goal to be more desirable and useful for the teachers experience, post acquisition by Amazon, the new UX team of TenMarks worked on the credibility, accessibility, usability, find ability to increase the overall value and experience of the product. 

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