1. CLIENT BRIEF: Walmart, required an evolutionary brand refresh of their Sam’s Club logo. They felt it was a bit dated and that it didn’t lend itself well for the digital platforms where it really needs to shine. There were some constraints in terms of how the visual elements in the current logo didn’t translate well to a digital version e.g. use some motion in it like the Walmart splash does. The squares, the typeface and the general layout felt like it’s in need of a refresh. However, my client didn’t want to completely go away from the refresh, and wanted it to feel like an evolutionary next step reinforcing the needs for a digital brand.

2. SKETCHES & EXPLORATIONS: I let my mind wander and drew out various options to come up with a few ideas. I took a break; revisited the initial sketches and focussed on the words evolutionary & refresh as my two key attributes for the logo.


3. BLACK AND WHITE: I moved from the drawing pad on to the computer to render my sketches digitally. I also explored various patterns and letter variations using the design principles of scale, transformation, hierarchy, perspective, positive and negative spaces as a black and white version. 


But in all this, I was still focussed on creating a “less is more” concept with the elements of the square/diamonds. I fused 2 diamonds with the letter ‘S’ to make it more recognizable, timeless, unique and memorable. I came up with a few versions of this concept. I used a typeface similar to the original as I didn’t want to make a drastic leap in terms of the evolution. I wanted to do away with the serif font as it doesn’t lend itself well in the digital world. So, I chose a slab serif that had a friendly yet sturdy look to it. The typeface is rather bold and less flimsy. These qualities tie in well with the fact the Sam’s Club has been a long standing establishment. I liked the use of all caps for the word “Club” in a san serif typeface, but I chose a wider and a more rounded typeface to balance the bold slab serif.  I chose to leave the main diamond element as a frame around the logo to make it resemble the original.


4. COLOR: For the color version, I did not want to move away from the original corporate colors of blue and green as the mark has been registered in the minds of the masses. Making a complete shift in colors would go against the brand recognition of the mark and it would confuse the target audience as well. 


6. APPLICATION: I chose the mobile app icon to finally exercise the challenge of representing the Sam’s Club logo. This rebrand stands out more in the digital space when compared to its older outdated version.


A few more brand identity related work