1. CLIENT CENTERED RESEARCH: Running Dreamz Production is a full service Event Management and Production Company. The process starts with providing a brand mark questionnaire to the client. With this information, I brainstormed different ideas, researched other competitors, and looked for inspiration online and off. Although the focus was on the key attributes: creative, professional & customer oriented, I jotted down words that helped me start : Steve Jobs, Rubix Cube, Black Panther, Rorschach Inkblot, Running, Energy,  Lights, Sound, Fun and Celebration. 

2. EXPLORATIONS: I started sketching thumbnails based on all the words I had jotted down. For instance I split the words “Running’ and ‘Dreams’ and listed words that were associated with them like movement, motion, fluid lines, stars, clouds, thought bubbles, etc.

3. BLACK AND WHITE: I transferred my pencil sketches into black and white on the computer. The focus was on the evolution of the concept from at its rudimentary stages. It forms the basis to check how the logo translates when printed. Bold, strong, and heavy letters was the direction I had in mind to depict the professional, credible aspect of the company. At this stage, I chose to show typography for some of the concepts. 

Here are some of the different concepts. I focused on the Rorschach Inkblot style for options 1a and 1b. In option 2a and 2b, I used energy and celebration as a base. For 3, I used the idea of cogs to form the letters ‘R’ and ‘D’ to emphasize ‘running in motion’ aspect of the Client’s business. In concept 4, I toyed with the idea of light and shadow using rubix cube like type to infuse the ‘black panther’ notion. I created ‘r’ and ‘D’ to form one unit with typography similar to the icon in option 5. In concept 6 I used a spotlight (a common element to all events) with the letter D.

The Client loved concept 6 - the idea of the spotlight incorporated with the letter ‘D’. Coincidentally the spotlight created the letter ‘r’, which became an additional bonus. Once this direction was decided, I went back to the drawing board to refine the mark. The studies show the evolution of the serif typeface ‘r’. The Client decided to go with last option as the final choice.

4. FINE TUNE: I added typography once the mark was finalized. I presented various options of serif and san serif typefaces with different combination and orientation of the unit as a whole. The Client liked the combination of using Proxima Nova, a san serif that I converted to a custom serif typeface to show the seriousness of the brand as well as a more rounded friendlier Caviar Dreams, a san serif for the word ‘Productions’. I further customized the type by tweaking the letters so the rounded quality and sharp angular edges of the letters echoed in style with the brand mark.

5. COLOR: I wanted to limit the colors to two, one a dark grey and the other a bolder shade. Blue and grey was an option but it looked too corporate and didn’t resonate with the energy that the company wanted to project. The Client preferred a more brighter and friendlier option. Orange and grey was chosen as the final.


6. BRAND GUIDELINES: Following the chosen logo, I created the brand guidelines that covers the usage, color palate, and restrictions.


Social Media Brand Icons

Marketing Collateral and social media branding


A few more brand identity related work