(Acrylic on Canvas, 10"x 10")

TenArts, was an art exploration started by my former Manager at TenMarks . It was based on the idea that any one interested could work on a topic and submit the art on the first of every month. The topics were provided by co-workers participating in TenArts and ranged from "Pear", "Chicken", "Eye-balls", "Circle", " Favorite TV Show" etc. Pear was the very first topic selected from the prewritten chits. Rather than working on a still life painting, I chose to represent the fruit as the one half replacing the face of the figure seen in the famous painting "Scream" of Edvard Munch.



(Digital Print, 10" x 10")

For the Favorite TV Show topic of the TenArts explorations (read above) I chose to represent illustrations to portray the different characters from the House of Cards (Season 1) show on Netflix Show. 

A few more Paintings