CLIENT: FAQ - Fine Art Quotient
ROLE: Creative Director | Visual Designer
LOCATION: Lalit Kala Academy | Chennai | India
YEAR: February 2012

FAQ - Fine Art Quotient

An Art Sale & Exhibition by 16 Alumni Women Artists from Stella Maris College in India


Navarasa: Nine Emotions

(Digital Print on Paper; 41" x 41")

Navarasa is the basic factor for all
classical dance forms in India like Bharathanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Manipuri, Kudiyattam, and Kathakali. (From left to right) Color, light, and texture, take center stage, epitomizing Shantha (peace or tranquility in white), Veera (courage in orange), Bheebhatsya (disgust in blue), Karuna (kind-heartedness or compassion in grey), Hasya(laughter in white), Raudra (anger in red), Adbutha (surprise in yellow), Shringara (love in green), and Bhayanaka (terror in black) bringing life to the navarasas in all its abstraction.


TALA: One Beat

(Digital Print on canvas; 12.5" x12.5 ", 25.5" x 10", 19" x 25.5")

Shiva is TAndava personified, and Parvati LAsya. Together they form the perfect balance of the opposites - masculine and feminine, power and grace, positive and negative energy through black and white. The straight and angular lines are juxtaposed with organic curvilinear forms and attempts to recreate this balance inspired by the cosmic dance. The passionate love for dance and each other is accentuated by subtle dots of red and is seen as a minimalistic approach with a beginning, middle and an end in their performance.


(Digital Print on canvas; 35"x 35")

The metaphysical manifestation of nature's five elements come together with each of the dance form. Using elements and principles of design, I fused together the fiery movements of Bharatanatyam (fire), the flowing form of Odissi (water), the gusty swaying of Mohiniattam (air), the earth tapping of Kuchipudi (universe) and the fleeting motion of Kathakali (sky) to create an overall design composition of rhythm in harmony of the Indian Classical Dance forms.

CLIENT: Framed
ROLE: Creative Director | Visual Designer
LOCATION: Ashvita Art Gallery | Chennai | India
YEAR: March 2013


An Art Sale and Exhibition for 10 Emerging Women Artists from all over India



(Digital Print on Canvas, 3'x6')

Who we are in this world is dictated by our conscience and by people we meet at different intervals of our lives. Love grows over time and takes the form of many values that gives meaning to such relationships. The bold rough strokes speak of actions louder than words. They explore the passionate act of kissing - an interlocking of two through body, mind and soul, while the words express thoughts playing in the subconscious.



Paintings created based on specific topics. 

SCREAMING PEAR: (Acrylic on Canvas, 10"x 10")

Pear was the topic provided. I chose to represent the fruit as the shape of the figure seen in the famous painting "Scream" by Edvard Munch.



(Digital Print, 10" x 10") 

All illustrations are drawn from scratch and portray the different characters played from this Award winning Netflix Show.