Illustrations and icons created for Kindergarten, High Schoolers and Healthcare industy

CLIENT & ROLE: TENMARKS EDUCATION: I designed some of the illustrations used within the student and teacher products of TenMarks even today. Together with a fellow designer, we came up with a subset of icons for the Geometry, Algebra I and II curriculum for the TenMarks Math Teach marketing site . STORE FRONT POLITICAL: Icons developed for a healthcare industry. STRETCH. PLAY. YOGA: Asanas (Poses) of Kids performing Yoga


Monster Character Studies

Few character studies developed based on quirky personalities, emotive expressions and bright colors for the Kindergarten audience. 

TenMarks Amazon Leadership Principle Concept Studies

BRIEF: One of the things that makes Amazon peculiar are its 14 leadership principles.

  • Customer Obsession

  • Learn and Be Curious

  • Dive Deep

  • Invent and Simplify

  • Think Big

  • Insist on Higher Standards

  • Earn Trust

  • Frugality

  • Are Right, A Lot

  • Ownership

  • Bias for Action

  • Hire and Develop the Best

  • Have Backbone;
    Disagree and Commit

  • Deliver Results

ROLE: As TenMarks Education is a subsidiary of Amazon, the team was tasked to explore concepts combing the use of the marketing site mascot Emelio (designed by a fellow designer), along with the leadership principles of Amazon. Above are some that I created. The final concepts would be applied on stickers or badges and distributed internally as a way of  encouraging and motivating employees.


TenMarks Education

1st Grade Amplifier Product Cover Designs

BRIEF: As a collaborative team, we designers created 60+ Amplifiers that related to an audience group of 5-6 year olds. One of the fellow designer, created the 1st Grade character, Momo as a mascot to interact with the students. I laid out fun, delightful and visually engaging cover designs and consecutive slides for students based on the math concepts, theme of the Amplifier and style guidelines. 

ROLE: Unlike the High School Amplifiers, these had to cater to kindergarteners who were entering 1st grade. The slides had to be super simple and easy to understand. The Curriculum Developers had done their part with keeping the content succinct. I initiated my team to follow a similar mantra of "Less is More" for the design elements and layout used on the page as well. I eliminated any additional frills and kept the design animation to a minimum.