REASON BEHIND THE EXHIBITION: A college friend of mine and I wanted to set up an Art Show to encourage and bring together artists specifically women from all walks of life to create meaningful work and give back to the society. The Marketing Manager and I, sourced and contacted various artists within our network to join forces and participate. We limited the number of artists to 10 and the art to 1 per person to showcase and highlight their most solid work. The experience of working together and putting up the show from afar was very different when compared to being physically present at a location. Time, distance, communication, thinking on one's feet, having a bias for action attitude and getting things done quickly and efficiently were lessons I learnt working as a part of this event team. 

KEY CONTRIBUTION: As an Art Director, Collaborator, Artist and Marketing Designer, I executed the brand identity systems for the Art Exhibition. Working from the U.S., I managed the communication lines between all artists from India, and the Marketing Manager to follow up on artist bios and briefs of their work. This project took 3 months from concept to completion.

BRAND IDENTITY: I suggested the brand name 'Framed' for the Art show and it resonated with the artists. For the typeface I chose Didot and Clarendon, two clean and clear serif font to project the classic personality of the brand. I used predominantly primary colors to create a frame and housed the 10 Artists participating within it. 


Artist Catalog


EVENT DESIGN: Right from the initial poster of the exhibition, to the invitation, social and digital media assets, sponsor letter, presentation decks, banners, and brochure, I ensured consistency with the look and feel of the brand. The work not only involved collaborating with the team, but also outside vendors to print all the necessary marketing collaterals. 

Invitation Design, Price List Sheet, Poster and Digital Banner


Entrance Banner and Gallery Exhibits

framed banner Mockup.jpg

Event Banner


A few more Brand Identity Related work