KEY CONTRIBUTION: The Design Scoop newsletter turned out to be very helpful for the internal cross functional teams. They not only found it immensely informative, but also mentioned that it increased everyone's efficiency across the board. Each edition covered a different element within my area of expertise. Just like the TenMarks Amplifiers that provided bite size-information to its audience, I came up with the idea of creating the bi-weekly information as one-pagers. These contained easy to digest details with less reading materials as possible but more visuals unlike the earlier style guide. I varied the topics between best practices, graphic specs, image bank details and tips and tricks to make it more interesting and appealing to my readers. In this way it helped others to become the keeper's of their own knowledge related to handling the assets within the product content and thereby empowered them to make graphical decisions on their own when appropriate. These style-guides and visual systems that I created allowed for cohesion and scalability for other designers to follow as the company grew.


A few more Print & Digital related work